Beach Clean Up – Did you Attend?

Just a quick thought. For all of the readers of this blog, Did you attend the Dorset Beach clean up day that was on April 26th? Sometimes, I can get very passionate about all things relating to the environment. Just like everyone should partake in Spring cleaning of their homes, the community around us definitely should be kept clean. I personally used a new more expensive vacuum called the Panasonic mc-cg917 to suction all of the dirt and debris in my attic and around my house. I only bought it because the Panasonic mc-cg917 review (s) were pretty stellar.

Last year they had more than 700 volunteers stuff more than 900 bags of trash. I am not for sure if they beat or surpassed the number of volunteers. I sure hope so. They had over 20 beaches to choose from. They partner with Litter free coast and sea. The participants only job is to show up. A beachmaster is on hand at every location to give out bags, gloves, and instructions. Families and children as well as individuals of all ages came out.

For your time and effort, you were compensated with discounts at local cafes and restaurants. Many different types of items are picked up like tires, bicycles, or metal rods. All in all, It is a very rewarding experience to help the environment around you more prettier.

Our backyard especially public places like beaches always need to be cleaned up so that the locals can enjoy the space.   I’m hoping and looking forward to next year although a long time away.  It feels good to make everything around you cleaner.  Plus, who knows there may be even some recycled items that can be re-used efficiently.  There are tons of plastic bottles and paper that get recycled and made into things for our everyday uses.  We will see you next year.

What are outdoor book festivals all about?

You probably came across this page because you were a book lover or you have children and they love reading. If not, maybe you just would like to get your children or young people you know involved in reading. If you have never been to a literary/book festival, you might not know what to expect. Outdoor book festivals can be loads of fun. Here are some things that you may enjoy.

Literary festivals are not just about authors and publishers showing their work to book reviewers. Although that is something that happens at every book festival, people have started to get more creative and found ways for the festivals to be more enjoyable.

If you have children, there are a variety of kid friendly activities that you can expect. You may encounter bounce houses, sing alongs, and live shows including concerts. Some events are literally large enough that you can rent scooters such as the Razor e100 scooter or these scooters for children to see everything. There are festivals that are specific to different book genres as well.

This Year’s Festivals

Bristol Poetry Festival

Do you love poetry? Come out and celibrate your love of poetry with your friends. There are readings, performances, and workshop events. This is happening all throughout the month of April. Mark your calendars.

When: April 3rd – May 3rd
More Info:

Want to get the young ones involved in reading? Take them out so that they can interact with other kids there age. There will be book signings and other fun events for the children.

When: June 26th – July 5th
More Info:  This is a festival specifically geared for children as well.  Your children will love it.  They will be releasing their full program schedule on their website soon.  I am hoping that there will be face painting or temporary tattoos as children seem to enjoy these.  My niece loves to get a small butterfly tattoo painted on her face when we go to any festival even though they always have available a large selection of girl tattoo ideas for temporary sticky tattoos.

Some of these events are catering to children alone.  We love to stimulate their reading interests.  We will have plenty of games and recreational activities for the kids.  Sometimes refreshments will be served.  At any outdoor event, there will be plenty of sturdy trash cans as well as other garbage bins to keep it clean.  If you or someone you love enjoys literature, please come out and support these events! You will be glad you did.

Health Series Books that Have Made A Bang

Make no mistake about it. We are a fat country. Being obese usually means a laundry list of other health problems. This may include: high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux and heart disease. There is no shortage of fad diet pills noted in these negative lipozene reviews, quote on quote ‘natural diet pills‘ or anything in between.  This blog highlights as well unbiased slimquick reviews and real phentermine reviews. Fortunately, for the average citizen people want to know the truth. Ever heard of Eric Schlosser? Well, if you haven’t he has written some of the most popular books regarding the food and restaurant industry. What has made these books so popular and why has he been so successful? We examine his success a little further.

Eric is the author of Fast Food Nation, co-author of Chew on This and Behind the Kitchen Door. He has basically uncovered the worst of the worst in the food and restaurant industry. People should have the right to know what is put in their food. They want to know what is put in their food and how the food they consume can have a higher price than they may expect. This in a nutshell is what keeps his books selling well.

His writing style offers both shock value and curiousity. The curiousity factor is big in that people want to have access to what is otherwise information thaty may be off limits to them. He just doesn’t tackle issues regarding the food industry but he also has written a book about nuclear weapons. He is an investigative journalist that seeks out the information that people crave. His work has been featured in the Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair. If you haven’t already, check out his work.

How to get a Literary Agent in the Uk

There are many of literary agents in the Uk that number in the hundreds. There are also agencies that number in the hundreds. There are small to medium sized and even the well known giant firms. There are agents that are not as well known that work from their home and others who are apart of a larger company who may employ dozens of agents.

It is a false claim to believe that if you want to leave a lasting impact in the UK liteary world, you will have to only work with the largest agencies in order to get noticed. That is not true, however. A literary agent does not need a large firm behind him or her in order to be effective. A literary agent simply needs to be educated in the public industry. He or she needs to be keen on what is actually selling. If he or she has been working in the industry for awhile, he or she may have valuable contacts.

There are two main qualications a literary agent should have: He or she should be passionate about your work and he or she should know how to sell it. Believe it or not, these are two crucial aspects. The person must believe in your work and he or she needs to know how to get into the hands of the right people so it can be successful.

It may seem like shifting through the hundreds of literary agents in the UK is a daunting task. It does not have to be. There are many resources online that are available to inform you of who is currently accepting submissions and who isn’t. It also informs you about the different categories they are able to accept.